089While in Newfoundland, for a family vacation, we stopped in for lunch at the Fogo Island Inn – a 5 star hotel built on the most eco-friendly principles possible and which has been the subject of much controversy among locals (from what we read and heard) who aren’t sure whether or not they support the new, large piece of architecture that may contribute to or deplete the rest of the community’s economy. Based on my very very short experience there, an evident collaborative process has been put in place to contribute to and involve the Fogo Island Community, while preserving and sustaining local traditions in beautiful and innovative ways. Having only very recently opened, one would hope, like for any small community, that the skeptics are won over by the continued integrity of the Inn’s mission and vision.


As impressive as the solar panels, rain water irrigation system, wood-fired sauna, and the actual ghost-like white boxy structure of the place were, it was the art and simplicity of it’s presence and everything in it that struck me. The Art Gallery had an exhibition by Kate Newby. The cutest little series of rock formations that sent very simple messages – the kind of lessons we adults can learn from children. Among my favorite, was the little cardboard note I like myself so much better when I do.  Others included Oh! what a day, Holding onto it only makes you sick, and Little Saturday.

082085087I hope it’s ok for me to be sharing photographs of these installations. They inspired a creativity in me that I had temporarily been suspended. A friend of mine likes to say at the end of every day “Today is the best day of my life”, and he makes a point of making every day the best day of his life. Just like one would marvel with child-like qualities in a plain-old Little Saturday.