What if when you were driving, your full attention was on driving? What if when you were eating, you were completely absorbed in the nourishment of your mind? While having a conversation, what if your focus was on listening deeply? What if when the sun was shining, you relished in its light and warmth; and when it was raining, you stepped outside to feel the raindrops on your skin? What if during heartbreak, you made friends with your pain? What if your attitude towards the sensations was “these are deliciously sensational” as opposed to “please go away”? What if in the wake of day, you paid more concern to the preparation of your mind than you did of your appearance? What if when your addictive urges arose, you simply observed them and let them pass? And when they were absent, what if you noticed your peace of mind? What if you followed your dreams? What if you trusted the wisdom of your body? What if when doubt was present, you could just name it and grin? What if you had the mental clarity to distinguish between what was personal and what wasn’t? Imagine the possibilities. What if it was easy to let things go? What if you found yourself living according to your true values? What if you spoke your truth in a non-harming way? What if regrets and dwellings and resentments served as messengers toward your growth by prompting helpful reflection? What if you rejected nothing? But instead knew how to work with everything? What if you could sit in silence for hours? What if you could turn to the trees and the rivers and the elements for their teachings? What if you made space in your life; purged and shedded things regularly to feel the lightness in your step? What if you put out in the world the love and kindness you wish to receive? What if you never took more than you needed? What if you climbed mountains, took in fresh air, ate clean foods, socialized freely, and let your mind flow through time and space? What if you trusted the unknown?

What if these were the possibilities? Some say meditation just may ruin your life.