IMG_5560I hadn’t laughed that hard in so long. My belly hurt and coffee came up my nose. So animated was his story of irony – in this commercialized world of yoga festivals, where preachers bring together young souls in an era of spiritual deprivation. We suffer from our phones, social media, and ego-driven practices aimed at waking us up from what isolates us most. And so – I laughed that hard at my own judge: that part of me that knows the empowering feeling of thrusting my hips, chanting OM, in unison with house music, wearing tight pants –

We. Will. Be. Free!

I nearly spat my coffee out across the table. Poached eggs, bacon bits, and too many pieces of ciabatta-bun toast, oozing with margarine – the yellow plasticky kind. Nothing but the best at all times. A friendship of the nourishing type. Where catching up isn’t only a reminiscence of a shared past. Philosophical conversations are infused with reflections on personal and interpersonal growth. Humour and kindness add value to intellectually stimulating, mind-provoking thought.

Love always,